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LEGOLAND Discovery Center: How to Score High on Kindgom Quest

  1. Sit in the Back. The back of the car gives you the best chance to keep shooting the Ogre, even after the car has pasted the vignette.
  2. Shoot the Ogre. The most points are on the Ogre. As you enter the ride, your car will stop on the first screen, but you can see the Ogre in the vignette to your left; don’t worry about the first screen, just keep shooting the Ogre. His head is worth 2,000 points and his waist is worth 1,000.
  3.  Shoot the Crystals. The next video screen is a mine scene. Shoot the crystals in the mine. Generally, the objects at the top of the screen are going to be worth more points.
  4. Shoot the Rat. On the third video screen, (the one with all the skeletons) shoot the rat that comes across the bottom of the screen. He is worth 4500 points. Note: The rat is quick. You have to be looking for him as soon as you see this screen or you’ll miss him. He scurries across from right to left.
  5. Shoot the Bats. The bats in the trees worth quite a few points as well.
  6. Free the Princess. Points here are given for the crystals, but if you want to free the princess, shoot the dynamite inside the cart on the right hand side. Then shoot the cart and the dynamite reappears. Keep going back and forth. Shoot the cart and dynamite five times and the ogre will throw a rock at you. As his does, you’ll see dynamite in the left corner behind the Ogre’s arm.  Shoot it and the princess is free.